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Your Danish siteowner Jan Boogaloo and my  cat, Mille
welcomes you.
We have been online since July 4th. 2004.

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» Totally free membership
»Get paid  to read mails and click links
» Optional upgrade available
»  Cash rewards from downline upgrade
» All paid e-mails and PTCs worth
      between 1/40 and 3 cents
»  Affiliate pages & Special treasure room
»Click climber contest every month
» 1 Referral level 15%.
» We are a TIER 1+2  Payout site
*TIER 3 + 4 Advertise only

» You reach payout  at   $ 2.--   in earnings
VIA PAYPAL ( Main Processor )
or PAYZA (secondary processor)

Inactives are deleted every month

New members from Asisan Pacific is  not allowed and will be  rejected !!




» The most cost effective advertising
» Advertise to 1000's or as little as 100

» eMail Advertising or Banner Advertising
» Advertise to 100% opt in membership
» Absolutely no spam!
» We will customize your Ad Campaign
» Members are eager to receive your ads

------------------------------- is NOT a MLM site
or a get rich on a second scheme
we are here to give you some
"pocket money"


CFN family sites are
Verified GPT boycott supporter


Please feel free to contact
Jan Boogaloo at:
if you have any questions.


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